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Cost and Time Efficency

Unfortunately, it seems that it is just a matter of time until an unprotected standalone ATM gets targeted. In 2019, a crime ring in Houston, Texas began robbing standalone ATMs using the new Smash-And-Grab method with a hook and chain. These criminals were able to consistently rob ATMs in under three minutes and escape before police had time to arrive. Since then, criminals across the US have began to adopt this method of attack. We created STSG to provide banks with the opportunity to prevent themselves from becoming a target of this type of crime. 

Designed for a quick turnaround and fast installation

  • Typical installation time is under 30 minutes

  • After placing an order, you will generally have your security gates in under 6 weeks. Other companies may take months before you are able to have gates installed.

Priced to save you money

  • We deigned our security gates to be extremely protective, yet priced so that you are not getting "robbed" by the company protecting your ATMs.

  • STS gates are less than the average insurance deductible your company will be required to pay if an ATM gets robbed... Not to mention angry customers that might take their business elsewhere!

  • Ask your insurance company about reduced premiums when your machines are protected!

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