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South Texas Security Gates is currently owned and operated by Carson Neal and Raleigh Scherer. Carson and Raleigh graduated in 2022 from Texas A&M University. After witnessing the aftermath of an ATM smash-and-grab robbery, Carson and Raleigh started South Texas Security Gates with the goal of providing banks with a quick, affordable, and effective solution to prevent themselves from becoming a target.

Our Story

During February of 2021, an ATM machine at a bank in Pearsall, TX was robbed. The criminals stole a truck from a nearby store after dark, drove to the bank, and backed up to the ATM machine. Using a regular pry-bar, the criminals pried open the exterior cabinet-style doors, hooked a chain from the truck to the cash dispenser slot on the safe inside of the ATM machine, and drove off, ripping the safe door completely out of the ATM machine. The criminals then got out of the truck, removed all the cash from the ATM machine, and got in another vehicle with a getaway driver, leaving the truck and now-empty ATM machine destroyed in the bank parking lot. The entire process from the time they arrived at the bank to when they disappeared with the cash from the ATM took less than three minutes. My father is the branch manager at the location where this incident occurred, so I was told about the incident and was given the opportunity to examine the ATM machine after the robbery. This led me to design the products that we currently offer, and I hope to be able to provide banks in Texas and across the US with the opportunity to prevent their ATM machines from becoming a target.

-Carson Neal,


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