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Coming Soon

STS Gates will soon be releasing the newest protection against hook-and-chain style attacks. Contact Us to see how you can get one for FREE today.

  • ADJUSTABLE front gate: Allows for universal close fit on any ATM, preventing criminals from wrapping a chain around the gate.

  • Smoothest Purchasing Process: Versatile, one-size-fits-all design means that we need less information from you. Just place an order and our gates will be on their way to your location!

  • Easy Installation: Anyone can easily install this new model with nothing more than a hammer drill and concrete bit. While we do offer installation services, it is no longer necessary to schedule an installation date and wait for a crew to arrive at your location.

  • Internal Blade-Breaker technology

  • Hidden Shackle Padlock

  • Pry-resistant alignment tab and shroud

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